DigiMax Digital HPS Lamps

Digimax Digital HPS lamps are engineered to operate specifically with modern high frequency electronic HID ballasts. The Digimax lamp construction includes thicker component welds and stainless steel materials required to withstand acoustic resonance and harmonic distortion as seen with digital HID ballasts. This robust lamp construction in combination with a light spectrum geared towards photosynthetic response offers a superior product for the high end horticulture market.
  • Engineered to be dimmable on Galaxy Select-a-Watt Ballasts.
  • Specifically designed lamp for use with electronic/digital ballasts.
  • Newly designed proprietary starter for greater reliability & increased lamp life.
  • Ceramic insulation plate for better insulation and performance.
  • Robust stainless steel armature, versus nickel plated steel. Far stronger and longer lasting.
  • Green ceramic base to identify this as a digital ballast designed lamp.
  • Packaged in a cool keepsake tin box.
  • 1 year warranty.
901455 - Digimax Digital 600 Watt HPS Lamp
Upc: 847127002179
Volume (cf): 0.056 0.442
Dim Weight (in3/lb): 0.4948 3.9402
Weight (lb): 0.75 6.25
Length (in): 12.5 13
Width (in): 3.2 10.5
Height (in): 2.4 5.6
901460 - Digimax Digital 1000 Watt HPS Lamp (6/Cs)
Upc: 847127002186
Volume (cf): 0.143 1.083
Dim Weight (in3/lb): 1.2701 9.6487
Weight (lb): 1.5 11.55
Length (in): 16 16.9
Width (in): 4.4 14.2
Height (in): 3.5 7.8